Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? These Are The Signs to Confirm

WhatsApp is the most favoured messaging platform all over the world. Even though it is banned in a few countries, the platform has garnered billions of active users from the rest of the world. When it comes to instant communication, there is no one beating WhatsApp in this game. However, people may face some issues contacting someone under certain conditions: either they are not using WhatsApp presently, or they have blocked you.

The most common doubt among users occurs when someone has blocked them. People often get confused about why the messages are getting read and the profile image is not visible. Even though there is no sure way to confirm this, except by talking to the person who has blocked you, there are some signs to make sure you have been blocked.

Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp These Are The Signs to Confirm

Here are the Few Signs That Can Indicate You Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp:

1. You Have Stopped Seeing Last Seen or Online Status

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, seeing their last seen or online status becomes impossible. So, there is no way you can check their online status after getting blocked. WhatsApp allows this to happen to protect the privacy of the person who is breaking contact with you and is no longer interested in chatting.

2. You Can’t See Their Profile Photo

To protect the privacy of the person who has blocked you, WhatsApp does not let you see their profile image. You can’t see the updates they are displaying to others in their contacts. This way, the company makes sure you do not get in touch with the person through their platform.

3. Messages Don’t Show Double Ticks

Any message you send to the person who has blocked you will be shown with a single tick. You will never see a double tick, even after several hours of waiting. It is because the messages are never reaching the person you are sending to. A double tick shows that the message is delivered, and if the person has blocked it, then your messages are getting to the other shore.

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4. Your Calls Will Not Make it Through

Trying to contact a person through a WhatsApp call will be futile attempts. The calls will never be made through the platform. As the person has chosen not to be in contact with you, WhatsApp makes sure that the messages and calls don’t reach the recipient.

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