Is Someone Reading Your WhatsApp Messages? Here’s How you Know it!

WhatsApp is now one of the most favoured instant communication channels being used by individuals, groups, communities, corporates and even large organisations. This Meta-owned messaging app has deep roots within the private and public sectors and even the Government’s internal network to pass information in the form of texts and certain media files. We also know that private organisations with an official green tick are providing the best responses on WhatsApp to their subscribers. Moreover, the government has also allowed citizens to connect with Digilocker services through this messaging platform, so that they can download Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID and other essential documents on demand.

Someone Is Reading Your WhatsApp Messages, Check This Way

Scammers Attacking WhatsApp

Due to all these abilities of WhatsApp, which are mentioned above, it’s now attracting lots of scammers and cyber fraudsters to his way. Irrespective of the fact that it uses end-to-end encryption services, scammers are finding alternatives to defraud users. Today they are easily manipulating a specific group of users, who are not so technophiles, into giving their sensitive info regarding financial transactions. However, there is a way of knowing if someone is reading your messages without you noticing.

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So, Follow These Steps To Know If Someone Is Reading Your WhatsApp Messages or Not:

You will have to use a feature introduced by the company to know if someone is keeping an eye on your chats.

‘WhatsApp Link’ is that feature, using this function users can activate this app on multiple devices and the chats will be synced automatically.

This feature allows scammers to clone your chats to get access separately.

So, you can check regularly on which devices your chats are being synced.

And remove the suspicious devices from the list of Linked Devices on WhatsApp.

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