“Close Friends?” Twitter makes Speculation After Spacecraft Captures “Unique Green Glow” Around Mars

Scientists and astronomers have spotted a green glow around the planet Mars and netizens have begun making speculations about it.

As per the scientists, it is the first time such glow has been spotted around the planet earth. This, they say, is reportedly formed after oxygen atoms react with sunlight. And the same was detected by the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), which is a joined European and Russian initiative placed at Mars. 

While talking about the unprecedented phenomenon around Mars, Dr. Manish Patel from the UK’s Open University said:

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“It’s a nice result. You’d never plan a mission to go look for this kind of thing. Today, we have to be very clear about the science we’re going to do before we get to Mars.” 

The green glow occurs when the charged particles running away from the sun strike with the atoms present in our atmosphere. Earth also entreaties this phenomenon, nevertheless, the green glow on Mars occurs differently from that of Earth due to its nonexistent magnetic field.

The same is so unique that even netizens have a lot to say about it.

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