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Spain To Kill More Than 90,000 Mink As Over 80% Test COVID-19 Positive, 1 Million Already Executed By Netherlands

In an attempt to prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19 Spain has decided to kill around 1 lakh Mink. This comes after the execution of around 1 million Mink by the Netherlands. Spain has said that 87% of the Minks to be executed have tested positive for the deadly virus showing that animals are not immune from it.

For the unknown Minks are dark-colored, semiaquatic, carnivorous mammals. They have two species referred to as “mink”: the American Mink and the European Mink. They are prized for their pelts. It is said that the virus reached the fur farm (extraction of Mink’s fur) through a worker and then spread in the Minks. As a result, now the government has decided to cull them. The outbreak in Aragon province was discovered after the wife of a farm employee contracted the virus in May.

The employee and six other farmworkers have since tested positive for the disease. The deadly virus has quickly spread to 24 Dutch fur farms in recent times. The Netherlands and Spain are one of the largest fur farmers have a high threat of the spread of the virus through mammals.

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The NGOs are calling for more immediate action to end fur farming that is the need of the hour. “Fur farms can potentially act as “reservoirs for coronaviruses, incubating pathogens transmissible to humans” and are “inherently cruel”, said Humane Society International/Europe.

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