15 Spanish Words For Pretty Woman To Impress Your Girl

Spanish Words For Beautiful Woman

Woman are the most beautiful creature on this earth. While many believe that women are equal to men. I feel that they just prefer to stay equal to men, otherwise they hold a higher ground.

There is no shame in opening the door for your woman, carrying her bags and giving her the utmost respect she deserves.

Things that she does, no man can imagine themselves doing that. Even simple things like this.

While in all of this, you as a man do your best to impress her and make her yours for eternity. And this just doesn’t end at proposing her by bending a knee.

That is where it starts..

You start with different ways to call your woman and impress her. Whether it is a new relationship, a mature one or just trying to win the girl you like.

You call her with impressive names. The one that pleases her heart!

blushing woman

But saying beautiful, pretty etc are all old fashioned. It doesn’t give that kick anymore.


Use these Spanish words for beautiful woman and she will blush all day long


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Isn’t Hermosa a lovely sounding word? Hermosa means a beautiful woman.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Bella will remind her of ‘Bella’ from The Twilight series. Bella means a beautiful woman.


Spanish word for attractive woman
Very frequently used in Spanish and new age songs. Mami means an attractive or a hot woman.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Linda is also a very common name in Spanish speaking countries.


Spanish word for young girl
Very common phrase in Latino to refer a young girl.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
This word has the vibe of American culture. Do you refer to a woman as chick?


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Very common word in Spanish songs to woo or impress a woman


Spanish word for girlfried
You refer a girl as Novia when she is your girlfriend.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Again, very common reference for pretty woman. Bonita is used in many songs.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Not many people use it. Thus, It can make your girl feel unique. Maravillosa means wonderful woman.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Mi sirenita means My little mermaid. Mermaids are considered to elegantly beautiful.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
This is a direct reference of my everything. Mi reina means my queen.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Does it remind you of SRK from DDLJ? Senorita simply means ‘Miss’


Spanish word for beautiful woman
As the word indicate ‘precious’. Preciosa means attractive woman.


Spanish word for beautiful woman
Belleza means beauty. When she is dressed to go outside, praise her by saying ‘Belleza’

Which word did you like the most. Share with us in comments!

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