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Specially-Abed Man Finishes 10 Kilometer Marathon With Just One Leg, Dances In Th Field To Celebrate

Running marathons and dancing, in the end, is often done by many athletes, runners and fitness enthusiasts. However, what if we tell you this brave heart with only one functioning leg did both and did it with a bang.

The half marathon organized by Regional Outreach Bureau in Pune observed over 2500 participants from different walks of life.

It was organized to propagate the Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan and all the participants received medals and certificates at the completion.

Specially-abled Man in Pune marathon

However, the main attraction of the entire observance was this specially-abled man who surprised and exhilarated everyone at the same time with his performance.

Later identified as Javed Ramjan Choudhary, he not only finished the half marathon of 10 kilometers but also, danced to celebrate his success with full glory.

Look how he doesn’t look tired but full of excitement and zest for life.

Specially-abled Man in Pune marathon

He dances without flinching or stopping in between, not a bit of weariness or self-doubt in his actions.

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Specially-abled Man in Pune marathon

He deserves an applaud for being so lively and full of so much energy. Despite the fact that he has to dance on one leg. Nonetheless, his face shows only delight for completing the marathon successfully.

Specially-abled Man in Pune marathon

Javed, 24, is a state level Basketball player, an athlete, and a swimmer. He has not only represented his state but has also received Man of the Tournament awards several times.

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He lost his leg in a bike accident in 2015. But he did not lose his focus from living life and following his passion.

Specially-abled Man in Pune marathon

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Have a look at the viral video here:

He is now preparing for Civil Service Exams.

We salute his bravery, his passion for life and zeal to have a place in the world despite any hardships he is facing. If everyone had the same outlook towards life against all troubles, the world would have been such a better place.

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