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Spiderman Far From Home Trailer Explained – Know More About The New Black Suit And Many More

Finally, ‘Spider Far From Home’ teaser trailer is out now and I can say it looks wonderful and confusing at the same time.

From Spiderman’s new suit to Mysterio playing as a hero, I mean when did that happen and why? Mysterio was never a hero, then why is he helping our friend spidey in the movie?

Not just this, but who are those weird monsters? Don’t give too much stress to your brain, here is the Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained.

What’s in the trailer?

Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained

The trailer starts off with some cool action montage of Spidey swinging off from a burning building.

Right after that, Peter can be seen wearing his costume, joining a charity event with his Aunt May. Seems like, now she is cool with Peter being a superhero.

The movie will release on July 4th, just after the release of Avenger End game. Spidey is safe after the war and now it’s time for him to take a break. Peter is going on a Europe trip with his friends on summer vacation and he decides not to take his Spidey costume with him.

That’s how he needs to have a new costume that can be seen in the trailer. He meets Nick Fury, Mysterio and Elementals (monsters you don’t know about yet).

Before moving to the Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained, it’ll be better if you watch the trailer first.

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Staring with the first question, who are those monsters?

Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained

They are known as Elementals, introduced first in the Supernatural Thrillers (a comic series) back in 1974. These are the extradimensional humanoids. With power over natural forces, they became immortal. They were the ones who ruled a kingdom on Earth before the rise of the original Atlantis.

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Their names are Hydron, lord of the water; Magnum, master of the earth; Hellfire, wielder of flame; and Zephyr, mistress of the winds. They were defeated by Captain Marvel in her comic issue 11 and 12 back in 1977.

Does that mean, Carol Danvers is also going to make her appearance in Spiderman Far From Home? Also, are there going to be 4 different villains just like in comics or Marvel going to blend the power of all four humanoids into one?

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Who is Mysterio and why is he helping Spiderman?

Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained

Well, all the comic fans already know the answers of all the questions that have been raised after the release of films trailer. But come on, not everyone is a geek. So, let me tell you, in comics, Mysterio is a villain, who turned to crime after his career failed him in Hollywood.

He was a stuntman and actor in Hollywood but now he has become an illusionist and a chemist who can create smoke that can make spidey-sense useless.

People are saying this is the introduction of Spiderman vs Sinister 6 (team of a supervillain in Spiderman comics). Though in an interview with the Brazilian newspaper, Jake Gyllenhaal (the actor who is playing Mysterio) confirmed that Mysterio is there to help our neighbourhood friendly spiderman.

I ain’t going to buy it, it’s just a distraction and he is going to be the main villain at the end of the film.

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Black Suit? Venom?

Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained

Every time I see Spiderman wearing a black suit, my gut says it’s venom. Though the black suit introduced in the trailer is not really the symbiote counterpart Venom. Not just this, but there is no exact suit ever used in the comics.

Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained

It can be inspired from the Spiderman Noir (spidey from an alternate universe). But, it can also be influenced by Spiderman Mark-3 suit from the issue 682 of Amazing Spiderman (comic book) that was released in 2010. Don’t know how he gets it and what are the features installed in it. My guess is that Nick Furry gave it to Peter to become a European Spiderman. But who knows?

In Conclusion:

Answering some of the main questions that you wanted to know, this was our ‘Spiderman Far From Home trailer explained.’ Hope you have enjoyed reading it, and ask if you have any question.

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