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What Will Be Stan Lee’s Last Appearance? R.I.P. Legend

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Grief has covered the entire universe, as the Legend of Marvel Comics ‘Stan Lee’ passed away at the age of 95, following a series of recent health problems.

It’s hard to imagine the Marvel universe without this great man. After all, he was the reason most of us believe in fiction. After creating a number of hit comic series, he gained popularity and because of his unique personality, we fell in love with him.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee was a great man, though he was almost frustrated with his life and about to quit his career as a writer and creator at the beginning of his days.

That time, Stan used to feel sad, when he had to tell someone that he is a comic writer. Because it wasn’t a respectable job as compared to the other professions like doctors and engineers.

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But then, he understood that entertainment is the most important part of human life. And went to create a whole new universe of superheroes.

What about his last cameo?

Stan Lee

We are definitely going to miss him and his MCU cameo’s a lot. He has been making his appearance in all the MCU, animated movies as well as in comics. But now when he is gone, it raises a question, what’s going to happen now?

What will be Stan Lee’s last appearance?

Well, Stan might have left us but we are still going to see him in upcoming MCU movies. According to the director of Avenger 4 (Joe Russo) and Lee’s agent, it is already confirmed that Stan’s cameo for this movie has already been recorded.

Which means Stan is definitely going to make his appearance in Captain Marvel and Avenger 4. Which we can consider as the last cameo of Stan Lee.

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There is no confirmation if MCU or FOX studios has shot any other Stan’s cameo for their future featuring films like Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is all set to release Jul 05, 2019.

Though it will be very sad for our neighborhood superhero, as he will swing on the big screen without his father (his creator).

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In Conclusion:

Stan knew what readers want. By combining fiction with reality, he made childhood of millions of children, more adventurous and fun. And without him, the definition of hope would be different for many people.

I can just say,’ He was not just a man, he is a legend and always will be.’

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