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States In India Apart From Bihar Where Alcohol Is Banned

If you are planning for a vacation and booze is number one in your list- You might not want to choose these cities.

With summer’s killing us with all-time heat, it’s one of the best times to head out and chill. And it’s quite obvious that you choose a place after it piques your interest.

But whenever you head out for traveling, what exactly do you look for?

You certainly want a good and decent place to stay, good food, have fun and ….well……how can you forget booze? I mean which outing is complete unless you have a good high. Right?

Sadly, my amigos if you are planning to visit these destinations- be ready to be disappointed. These places, unfortunately, belong to the category of the treacherous “DRY STATE”.

Here’s the list of places that might ruin your ‘Travel high’- (Also find a hack about how to find alcohol in these dry states)

Bodh Gaya – BIHAR

alcohol banned states- bihar

One of the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites which boast of the tree – where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Definitely, a good site to visit and hang out. But as this falls under the DRY state of Bihar, there are chances that you might get enlightenment…but definitely no alcohol! *wink*

(Pssst……just coz I can’t see sad faces) Lemme tell you- the canteens in cantonment areas, military, and air force stations do sell booze. So, if you wanna grab a bottle or two. These are the nooks you can check out for purchasing alcohol!

Porbandar- GUJARAT

alcohol banned state- Gujarat

The destination of mesmerizing beaches and temples- Porbandar is certainly a place to mention on your Go-to list. With a vast coastline and beautiful sparkling sea, widespread as far as you can see- this place definitely calls for a celebration. Alas, this piece of paradise falls in Gujarat. Hence, no beer on the beach like you get in Goa!

But I have got a secret tip for you alcohol lovers! All you need to do in Gujarat to buy booze is to get hold of bootleggers (commonly called as Folders) and get your bottle full of happiness delivered to your doorstep. Now, does that sound cool?

Munnar- KERALA

alcohol banned states- kerala

Tea museums, gorgeous waterfalls and a national park for your adventure- Munnar has it all. The heartache begins, when you do a reality check and find out that Munnar after all…. is in Kerala. And as everyone knows it is one of the states which prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol.

But can’t we find a loophole?

ViralBake Telegram

Oh yeah! You definitely can. Just look for any two or three-star hotels as the govt. of Kerala formed a new policy which states that these hotels can now serve alcohol. Moreover, if you are staying in a five-star hotel- you are all done! After all, they never stopped selling liquor! Problem solved, eh?


alcohol banned state- nagaland

Breathtaking mountains, awesome museums, and kick-ass Hornbill dance festival! Rings a bell? Yes, we are talking about Kohima. The magical north-eastern land that captivates anyone with the charm and beauty. With temperature hardly ever crossing 25 degrees, there’s one thing you will definitely crave here- RUM! (Any alcohol basically to warm you up)

News flash- this state too is a dry state, hence, no old monk available here. But don’t lose hope yet. What you can do is try and get your hands on booze sellers near Naga Bazaar area of Kohima. Even though it’s still illegal- these bootleggers sell liquor freely. The reason – according to them, the cops have their share as does the customs officials. So….you can chill and get high! No issues!)

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alcohol banned state- manipur

With serene landscapes, exotic wildlife, floating islands to the warm-hearted locals, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this place. Surrounded by seven hill ranges, the capital city of Manipur is the place you would not wanna come back from. All set? But it doesn’t seem to be complete unless you get tipsy, correct?

Since Manipur is a dry state and has liquor prohibition law, you won’t get your branded choices there. But there’s a catch- it allows the state’s Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to brew their traditional liquors. (Now that’s what I am talking about)

There are makeshift vendors across the state where you can just walk in and drink as much as one wants. It’s like just another pub or bar in any other place, just not legal. Sounds good enough to me….what about you?


alcohol banned city- mathura

The birthplace of Krishna, beautiful serene temples and a mysterious Nidhivan– the doors of which shut down for everyone after 7 pm. Intrigued? Maybe you are maybe you aren’t. But one thing is for sure, if you are planning to visit this place and have that adrenaline rush, you need booze. I do..!

Unfortunately, UP government on Tuesday imposed a complete liquor ban in Mathura’s Baldev, Gokul, Govardhan, Nandgaon, Radha-Kund areas. Now the question is how will you calm your sense? Well, worry not- as soon as you drive out of these specified parts of Mathura, you will easily get hands on booze. You just need to go an extra mile. Relieved, haan?


alcohol banned city- haridwar

The ancient city which has the world -famous Ganga Aarti, the majestic banks of the river, hills and also an amazing place to chill out in water. What’s missing? A glass of the golden glitter which adds up to the high that you already get from this place.

And where will you get it in Haridwar? Nowhere! As the government has put a ban on alcohol and tobacco in Rudraprayag, Chamoli and Uttarkashi districts, you will certainly face issues in getting a bottle.

But what you can do is drive away for a few kilometers and take your pick from Sidcul-which is around an hour’s distance from Haridwar. Works fine for me…what do you think? Is it worth?

Now that you know how you can still get your hands on the liquid Gold, plan your travel to these not-so-DRY-states and have fun.

Even though you’ll have to work a little bit harder than usual, I don’t think it’s gonna affect your travel spirits? Or will it?? It’s a win-win situation after all. Happy travel folks! 

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