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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Home This New Year’s Eve

The New year is almost here.

Everyone is busy making reservations, planning which party to go to, what to wear and whom to take. But not me. I am all sorted and settled at my humble abode and have no plans to step out whatsoever.

You might want to know why. So, here are 5 reasons why you should stay home this New year’s eve. Somehow I feel that after reading them, you might want to cancel your party as well and stay home this new year’s eve. Just saying.

1. I don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for stupid packages

stay home this new year's eve

New years is all about extra charges and an extra crowd with an extra fight to enter a club, diner or a simple cafe. Everything is transformed for New years eve and people charge you for everything, wherever you go. The tacky bar themes force you to buy props from the club itself which are outrageously expensive. But you do that anyway, don’t you?

Don’t do that this new years eve, stay home and save money.

2. I ain’t getting stuck in traffic- not this time

stay home this new year's eve

Instead of being stuck in maddening traffic at 12 tonite, I would rather stay home and enjoy with a wine glass in my balcony. Because, even if you head out, there will a horde of cars going from one end to another. And oh, don’t forget the early drinkers who will pretend to be racers on the NH colliding with every other vehicle that moves or is parked.

So, going out this eve is something I won’t even consider this new years eve.

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3. I’ll be much warm and comfy on my sofa

stay home this new year's eve

Rather than freezing to death in fashionable clothes to watch the fireworks at the stroke of 12 tonite, I would be happily tucked in my soft and warm blanket. Additionally, I don’t like the feeling of being stuck in a crowd of 100 people who are drunk AF. Also, being surrounded by strangers as new year strikes in, is something I would not feel safe with.

So, it’s me, my sofa and the security that I will be happy and safe for this year.

4. My friends, family and loved ones are all I care about

stay home this new year's eve

I know, for some of you it is a necessity to go out and celebrate because unless you don that, you don’t feel satisfied. But trust me, what you should really care about if your family and friends and not the party place that you will be showing off to the rest of the world. For once, chase the real happiness that lies with loved ones and not the overcrowded party venue.

Play party games and you will find out, it’s more fun at home than the club.

5. I’ll enjoy my new year’s to the max

stay home this new year's eve

You all know that most of those new year’s event end p in a brawl fight. Either it is among the party groups or it’s between drunk people and the management. Any which ways, you are most likely to be pissed off by the time you leave the venue. But, if you choose to stay home like me, you will enjoy to the max and also keep away from unnecessary violence. Win-win for you.

Also, you know how much money you will save by staying back.

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In Conclusion:

I hope I have given you ample reasons to stay back and really really enjoy your new years eve for once, instead of running around like headless chickens. So, if you want to save money, your fuel, your time, your life (lol), stay home this new year’s eve and chill.

The whole world will be the road tonight and unless you want to open that champagne bottle inside your car, just stay home tonight.

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