Step-by-Step Guide to Correct Name, KYC, and Other Details On EPF

If you are a subscriber of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and would like to make any changes to your account, you can do it online without going to fill out a paper form.  

Formerly, subscribers to the employees’ provident fund were required to turn in a jointly signed declaration form once their employer had signed it. But that’s no longer the case! They can fill it out and submit it online. 

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for allowing subscribers to complete the form online has even been made available by EPFO.  

Online adjustments are available to EPF subscribers for eleven things. These include the member’s name, gender, birth date, parent’s name, relationship, marriage status, joining date, reason for quitting, leaving date, country, and Aadhaar.

The Following 11 Parameters Are Modifiable Using The Online Mode: 

1. Member’s Name
2. Member’s Gender
3. Date Of Birth
4. Father’s / Mother’s Name
5. Relationship
6. Marital Status
7. Date Of Joining 
8. Reason For Quitting
9. Date Of Quitting
10. Nationality
11. Aadhaar Details

Employees Should Follow These Steps

1. You are expected to access the website.
2. You now need to choose “For Employees” from the “Services” menu. Select “Member UAN/Online Service” now.
3. A new screen will appear, requiring you to enter your password, username, and captcha to log in.
4. The website for your EPF account will now open. On the upper left panel, select the “Manage” button and then select “Joint Declaration.”
5. Choose the “member ID” that has to be changed.
6. To modify, you must choose the “list of documents” to attach and submit it.
7. The request will be forwarded to the employer upon acceptance.

Following receipt of the request, the employer must approve it by following the procedures listed below.

Employers Should Follow These Steps

1. Employer IDs must be entered by the employer.
2. Click the member tab.
3. Select the “joint declaration” modification request.
4. Based on a review of their records, they can decide whether to approve or deny the request.
5. The request will be forwarded to the EPFO upon approval by the employer.

The above steps are suggestions. It is advised that staff members use appropriate caution and visit the EPFO website to review the most recent regulations and pertinent provisions. 

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