Step-by-Step Guide to Upload Documents on DigiLocker

DigiLocker is a government-authorised application which enables us to upload and save our documents on our phones safely. In the digital era, there is no need to carry physical documents like a driving licence, Aadhaar card, registration certificate, educational and other documents.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upload Documents on DigiLocker

If you are wondering if digitally saved documents are accepted, then I must tell you that according to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and the IT Act, 2000, the digital version of physical documents saved on the DigiLocker application are supposed to be accepted as valid documents.

DigiLocker allows you to save your documents in a secure and cloud-based storage that you can use for sharing and verification when needed. Once you upload your documents on the application, you can access them anywhere anytime on your mobile device.

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How to upload documents on DigiLocker?

Please find the process to upload documents on DigiLocker below:

  • Register yourself at DigiLocker’s official website.
  • Use your mobile number to sign up with the portal.
  • Add other required details to complete the verification process.
  • Sync your Aadhaar number with your account.
  • Use the Upload icon available in the app to upload your documents.
  • Please keep the documents on your system from where you will have to select them.
  • Choose your document type and then save it on the portal.
  • Please note that the application will accept only jpg, png and pdf formats.
  • You can edit the title of your document by clicking on the Edit icon provided next to the file.

List of documents that can be uploaded on Digilocker:

  • Digital Aadhaar card number issued by UIDAI
  • Driving License (DL)
  • Vehicle registration certificates (RC).
  • PAN card
  • CBSE certificates


In this article, we learnt the step-by-step procedure of uploading documents on DigiLocker. Please take help from this article so that you can keep your documents on your mobile phone and present it whenever required.

Please share this article with people who can take help from it and keep their physical documents digitally on their devices.


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