Step-by-Step Guide to Verifying Your Income Tax Communication

Have you ever questioned the legitimacy of a notification you got from the Income Tax (I-T) department? Scammers commonly pose as official correspondence to get financial or personal data. On the other hand, taxpayers may now exhale with relief. An easy-to-use online tool designed to quickly confirm the legitimacy of any notification or order has been launched by the IT department.

With the online tool provided by the IT department, users may verify the authenticity of each message they receive. Everyone can use this free service, regardless of whether they have an account on the e-filing portal.

Simple Steps To Use The Verification Tool

  • Check out the Portal: Visit the Income Tax facility to access the income tax e-filing facility.
  • Locate the Link for Verification: Under “Quick Links,” choose “Authenticate Notice/Order Issued by ITD.”
  • Select the Verification Method: There are two ways to confirm a notification:
  • Using PAN: To obtain a one-time password (OTP), enter your Permanent Account Number (PAN), document type (such as a notification or order), assessment year, date of issue, and cellphone number.
  • Using DIN: To verify your OTP, enter your cellphone number and the Document Identification Number (DIN) from the notification.
  • After getting the OTP on your phone, input it here and select “Continue.”
  • Instant Verification: If the notification is authentic, the program will verify it right away. You can safely ignore it if it isn’t.

The Notice Authentication Tool: What Is It?

You may use this online tool to confirm the legitimacy of any correspondence you get from the I-T authorities, such as letters, orders, summonses, and notifications. This guarantees that the message is authentic and not a phishing scam.

Who Can Use the Tool?

Regardless of whether they have registered as users on the Income Tax e-filing system, anybody can access the tool. Since it’s a pre-login service, anyone may use it.

How to Verify a Notice with PAN, Document Type, Issue Date, and Mobile Phone Number:

  • Go to the Income Tax Portal to file your taxes electronically.
  • Navigate to the “Quick Links” section and choose “Authenticate Notice/Order Issued by ITD”.
  • For OTP verification, input your cellphone number, pick the document type, the assessment year, the date of issue, and your PAN.
  • After entering the OTP, select “Continue.”
  • You’ll get a confirmation message if the details match an actual notification. The notification will be marked as invalid if it is not.
  • Using your mobile number and document identification number (DIN):
  • Take the preceding steps 1 and 2.
  • For OTP verification, enter the DIN shown on the message and supply your cellphone number.
  • After entering the OTP, select “Continue.”

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