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Mark’s Stinky Glitter Bomb Is A Hilarious Way To Deal With Package Stealers

Engineers are the best pranksters, this new viral video of Mark Rober and his stinky glitter bomb will prove it to you.

Recently a former NASA engineer, Mark Rober uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled as Package Thief Vs Stinky Bomb. With 40 million views in his stinky glitter bomb prank video has already become viral. Internet couldn’t stop talking about it and the video is pretty hilarious itself.

So, here is why and how Mark did it

Stinky glitter bomb

Mark is a mechanical engineer, who used to work for NASA in the past but now, he is quite popular on YouTube. With a subscriber base of 5.3 million viewers, you can tell he is one of those good creators on YouTube.

Recently Mark became a victim of package theft. He got to know about it when a package which was allegedly delivered to him, never really arrived. To investigate the situation Mark pulled out the security camera footage from the camera that was placed outside his house.

Stinky glitter bomb

He found out that the package was delivered but it was stoled by a couple walking down the street. Apparently, the stolen package problem has become a big issue in US. Mark informed the cops, but they were unable to track the location of his package. So this YouTuber decided to punish the thief himself.

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What is this punishment and how does it work?

Engineers are funny and that’s why Mark decided to make the punishment in a prank style for bad people. By utilizing his engineering skills, he came up with a well-thought prank device which makes a glittery mess for the thieves when they try to open it.

Stinky glitter bomb

The device looks like a delivery package of “Google Home” but in reality, it is a prank box which consists of 4 smartphones, all with a wide-angle camera lens. A motorized container full of glitter is smartly placed at the top of the box. And it’s all connected to a circuit board (raspberry pi) at the bottom.

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This board is the brain of Mark’s stinky glitter bomb. It has a built-in accelerometer that activates all the phones to start recording as soon as someone decided to pick it up.

Stinky glitter bomb

Everything works with the help of a pressure sensitive mechanical switch. When the stealer decides to see what’s inside and pulls-up the cover from the box, it activates the pressure switch and a tornado of glitter covers the thief.

Stinky glitter bomb

Not just this, to teach the package stealer a lesson, Mark also attached a fart spray inside the box. Just so you know, one spray is enough to make someone’s house stink like a skunk. That’s why Mark programmed the spray to release 5 sprays in every 30 seconds after opening the box.

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If this seems technically boring for you, watch the video here. I bet you won’t get bored:

In Conclusion:

It took 6 months to design and test this awesome box of prank. And undoubtedly, this is a pretty cool DIY prank to teach your package stealers a lesson. If not that, it can very well be a prank gift for your sister’s birthday.

Just exclude the fart spray part, otherwise, you won’t get a thank you from her!

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