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Cuddling Can Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever

The more you cuddle, the stronger your relationship will grow.

Yes, its the truth. Unlike what most people think, cuddling is more important than having a sexually intimate relationship with your partner.

Cuddling Is Important Than Sex


According to research, most couples think that if their sexual life isn’t great, it means that love is fading away from their relationship. Most people end up blaming sex for a bad relationship because they think that only good sex can help them keep their bond strong.

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However, they are wrong. Research says the frequency of cuddling is a much better indicator of a happy and healthy relationship than the frequency at which the couples have sex. (Eyeopener, right?) Cuddling helps to build a strong relationship with your partner.

What Does The Expert Say?


As per a senior consultant psychologist, “No relationship or marriage can be successful without emotional security and reliability. Whereas in the case of sexual physical intimacy, couples are more concerned about physical pleasure, which of course is equally important in a relationship like emotional bonding. However, not many people are aware of the decline of the emotional health of their relationship.”

She further adds,”Cuddling, which is a non-sexual intimacy, allows a couple to enjoy a feeling of emotional security. One of the biggest advantages of non-sexual intimacies, like cuddling or a peck on the cheek, is that it allows a person to put down his guard and be more emotionally open.”

Another research says, “Among middle-aged couples in committed relationships, tenderness is often more important to the man than the woman; regular kisses and cuddling lead to greater relationship satisfaction in men than in their partners.”

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This research was conducted by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and reproduction.

Why Cuddling Helps Building Stronge Relation With Your Partner?

As a couple, enjoying a sense of emotional security helps make the bond strong. When you cuddle your partner, you feel the smell and warmth of his/her skin and get the sense of love. Which is why you have a good mood after a cuddling session.

This all happens because of the release of oxytocin hormone that is also known as feel-good hormone. Additionally, it also releases the hormone ‘cortisol’ that keeps stress away.

So, go on, cuddle with your partner and make your bond stronger.

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