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Women Safety Sandal That Beats Any Women Safety Device Ever Made

Every day you pick up the newspaper, or surf through the news channels, one thing is common.

You are bound to come across the news of some female getting raped, molested or killed. Yes, that’s the harsh reality. And to be honest, our government is still not taking strict actions against such criminals.
woman unsafe

It’s an everyday event for them. They don’t really bother much, which is why females in India feel unsafe everywhere. But two young minds took this matter in their own hands and invented something that would help make women feel safe in this troubled country.

Who are the two young inventors?

women safety sandal

Meet Kristi George Anthony and Mohammed Sameer, who are the students of Bharat Mata School in Bilaspur. These boys put their heart and mind into something that is going to help the endangered female population of our country.

Together, they have invented a women safety sandal that will act as a shield for women, when in trouble. Though it took hundreds of failed attempts before they finally achieved the masterpiece, that could be easily used for the betterment of women safety, these boys never lost hope.

After all, even they know that nothing is done by anyone else in this direction, so why not they come up with a solution to the ever-increasing problems of women safety. And so, they did.

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What’s the specialty of the sandals?

The sandal is equipped with teasers that will instantly give electric shocks to offenders with a simple button’s click. On top of that, it will also inform the nearest police station about the crime. Also, the women safety sandal has an inbuilt GPS that will send across the location of the crime as well.

women safety sandal

The police can quickly reach the spot by following the location and capture the criminals before any mishap occurs.

But the best part is that this women safety sandal isn’t even costly. It just costs Rs. 700 and it’s pretty much anyone can afford, given the unsafe state of India. Soon, it will be available on public domains so that females can start using it.

National Innovation Foundation

This unique and beneficial invention was appreciated a lot in the National Innovation Foundation and the boys even got accolades from across the country. I am sure the teacher who guided them must be so proud. In fact, entire Chattisgarh is taking pride in what these boys invented.

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In Conclusion:

Even though Kristi is a student of class IX and Sameer, a class XI student, both of them acted way matured compared to their age and came up with the simplest of solutions for the biggest problem India is facing.

And being a girl, I have a hell lot of respect and admiration for these boys because at least they came up a solution, unlike our government who is doing nothing about it.

What do you think about this invention?

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