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Do You Eat More Than Two Eggs a Day? It’s Deadly For Your Heart,Says Study

Eggs are revered food items for gym freaks and health conscious people.

Most people swear that eggs are the best source of protein and that it is super healthy. Indeed, it is but when consumed in quantities, exceeding two eggs a day can be deadly.

The study

Two eggs a day

According to this study, consumption of a large amount of cholesterol every day was found to be linked with higher risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The study declared that if you eat more than two eggs per day, there were a 17 percent higher chances for you to get cardiovascular diseases. Also, it significantly increases the death risk by approximately 18 percent.

Now, egg lovers might be disappointed but hey, you need to be alive to eat eggs, right? And as per the study, excess consumption of eggs can lead to an increased risk of death and heart diseases.

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Journal of the American Medical Association

Two eggs a day

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of AMA. The study kept a track of the dieting habits, health conditions, and lifestyle of around 30,000 grown-ups in the US. The tracking went far back up to 31 years.

The professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell explained that the cholesterol in eggs was the culprit. When you eat more than two eggs a day, your health starts getting affected.

The reason being, one large egg has 200 milligrams of cholesterol which is the same amount of cholesterol you get while eating an eight-ounce steak.

Should you stop eating eggs?

Two eggs a day

Absolutely not. It is for a fact that eggs are rich in cholesterol and only if it is consumed every day in abundance, it can increase the risk of death.

So, what you can do is avoid eating a three egg omelet. Or a salad with three eggs in it. Don’t eat eggs like a greedy glutton who just hog down on eggs like popcorn. Keep a steady balance between nutrition and exercise.

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In Conclusion:

Don’t overeat any food item, because even if it might be healthy, anything in excess does more harm than good. Have a healthy and balanced lifestyle for a longer and healthy life.

And don’t have more than two eggs a day!

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