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Complete Style Guide To Be The Pleasing Sunshine Of This Summer

Be COMFY & TRENDY in this unpleasant temperature!!

Summer is here folks. The ever rising temperature – humidity – along with the scorching sun-rays combines to deliver such weather that amplifies your craving to wear minimal clothes. Am I right or am I Right??

Alas! We don’t live in a society that encourages such stunts. (Pssst…No roaming around in jockey’s, bikinis and thongs!!)
But it certainly doesn’t mean that you should stop being trendy and stylish, Aye? Here’s how you can still beat the summer heat and look cool AF- every time you step out!!!!


summer dresses

Gone are those days, when whatever you wore had to be of a perfect fit.

Let’s face it, you never wanted fitted clothes in summer (summers are also not the same as it used to be back in those days). Which is why, all we want to put on now, is something loose and airy and comfortable. Well, let me break it to you – straight, comfortable and casual is the new black. There, I said it!

And just so you know- those who judge you for putting on a loose tee with a denim shorts, they are still living in the 80s. So rise up, and try it out.


summer dresses

If you love dark colors…Just –Unlove it for a couple of months.

Sometimes, it’s good to let go of few things. Let go of them blacks and navy blue shirts without which you thought you can’t live. Let Ivory and pastels be your wardrobe BFF. Rarely unfashionable, these shades will never let you down. (Shhhh….Even if you dress from head-to-toe!)

Choose tees and bottom wears in these shades and be all set to look Dead-Drop-Gorgeous! (And for all the hunks out there- chill- it applies for you too.)


summer dresses

It’s all about being eco-friendly these days- even when you talk about clothes. If it’s organic- it’s ON!

That’s the latest trend. Go for brands that offer you organic clothing. It’s comfortable, elegant as well as super chic. Indian brands like- Anokhi, Indigreen, Tvach etc. offer a wide range of clothing made from organic material and natural dyes. You’ll definitely feel sexy & stylish with these subtle fabrics.

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Moreover, you will help save the Planet by helping the sustainability of earth itself.

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summer dresses

Who said Monochrome wasn’t recyclable? As they say, “Old is Gold”.

The trend you need to follow this summer is to keep your whole look in one tone. Rest, depends on you- Really! As long as you don’t add any other pattern or print to your look, you are good to go. What you can do is, mix different fabrics of the same colour. If you’re in doubt, whether you can carry monochrome or not- here’s what you can do.

Instead of head-to-toe white, you can pair your whitest whites with other light tones like beige and pastel for an ultra-chic look.


summer dresses denim wear

Denims are cOOl. Like- Literally, they are.

And you wanna know, what’s the fun part? You can pair denim on denim and still conquer the street. Denim is rarely not in trend and this summer you can stand-out with this trick. Pair denim on denim and JUST -don’t worry about it. Denim shirts, denim skirts, denim hat, denim bag, denim belts…and the never-ending list goes on.

All you need to keep in mind is that- If its denim- Bring it ON!!


summer dresses

Not being cliched- but- checks and stripes never really went out of fashion.

It won’t be wrong to say that they were there- but just avoided for a while. *grin* Okay, so you know the reality. Moving on- all you need to do is choose a neat look with either stripes or checks. Choose a solid colour as your bottom wear and team it up with a checked or stripped uppers.

The fun part- this look is for anyone and everyone. (P.S.  Don’t be a dork and mix checks with vertical stripes for heaven’s sake!)


summer dresses athleisure

The sassiest trend of this summer is Athleisure.

Don’t you want to head out in your sportswear after that gym session? I mean –Who wants to change for the 100th time? And dress up every time you have to step out? Well, for you lazy souls- Sportswear is at your rescue. No need to change your track pants after you’ve headed out of the gym.

Just pop that jacket or a ruffled tee and Voila-You’re ready to slay! (Just make sure you smell nice *after all you had just hit the gym*- Get it?)

Now don’t sit idle- check your wardrobe and see what’s missing. After all, everyone deserves a shot at being trendy, stylish and hot. And now, you know what to do to get that perfect rocking look. Ergo, it is in your hands to turn yourself from a part of the crowd -TO- an ART that stands out from the CROWD!!! Cheers!!


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