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The Longest Serving Arab Leader ‘Sultan Of Oman’ Dies

After ruling the country for close to 5 decades the Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said Al Said breathed his last on Friday. Three days of national mourning has been declared in honor of the 79-year-old leader.


The Sultan who was under going medical treatments from a long-time was suffering from cancer. Last month he returned home after undergoing medical checks and treatment in Belgium.

Qaboos bin Said took the thrown at the age of 29 by overthrowing his father, Said bin Taimur, a reclusive and ultra-conservative ruler who banned a range of things. For 50 years Qaboos completely dominated the political life of Oman, which is home to 4.6 million people.

In Oman Sultan is the paramount decision-maker and also holds many positions like prime minister, supreme commander of the armed forces, minister of defense, minister of finance and minister of foreign affairs.

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Now, after the death of ‘Qaboos bin Said Al Said’ the Royal Family Council – comprising about 50 male members – would choose a new sultan within three days of the throne falling vacant as per the basic statute.

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