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Sunlight Plays A Role In Destroying Coronavirus – US Scientists

In research conducted by the US, it has been observed that coronavirus quickly destroys in sunlight. However, this research has not been made public yet and awaits external evaluation.

As per a report by NDTV, William Bryan, who is the science and technology advisor to the Department of Homeland Security secretary, said that the government scientists have found the impact of sunlight on coronavirus. He made the announcement to the reporters in the White House.

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“Our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus, both surfaces and in the air,” he said.

“We’ve seen a similar effect with both temperature and humidity as well, where increasing the temperature and humidity or both is generally less favorable to the virus.”

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The research again gives light to the theories that had been doing the rounds earlier that stated sunlight can kill the virus. A much better explanation to it, however, is given by the USA’s research. The study finds that the ultraviolet light has a sterilizing effect, because the radiation damages the virus’s genetic material and their ability to replicate.

Source – The Jakarta Post

This, however, can only be trusted once the research is out for individual scientist evaluation.

“It would be good to know how the test was done, and how the results were measured,” Benjamin Neuman, chair of biological sciences at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, told AFP. 

The Study

In the study, the government research lab observed that the time taken for the virus to reduce to half its life was 18 hours when the temperature was 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 24 degrees Celsius) with 20 percent humidity on a non-porous surface.

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This when tested with 80% of humidity, it was noticed that the time taken for there virus to reduce to half its life decreased to six hours.

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If there is any truth in the finds, it can significantly help in the destruction of the virus in the near future.

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