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Sunny Deol Old Interview Talking About SRK, Darr And Yash Chopra Went Viral

Speaking to India TV’s Rajat Sharma, An old interview of actor-politician Sunny Deol has gone viral. In the interview, Sunny Deol talked about his falling out with director Yash Chopra after the release of Darr.

Not just this but in the interview, he also revealed why he has been not on speaking terms with his co-star Shah Rukh Khan from the same film.

From where it all started?

Sunny Deol Old Interview

1993’s Darr was an action thriller, in which Sunny Deol played the character of an Indian Naval commando. But he didn’t agree with the way the director of the film decided to portray this character. It was one specific scene that didn’t make sense to Sunny Deol.

It was the climax scene in which Shah Rukh Khan’s character, stabs Sunny Deol with zero efforts. Remind you that SRK was playing the role of an obsessive stalker (the antagonist) to Juhi Chawla’s character Kiran, who was married to Sunil, played by Sunny Deol.

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Sunny Deol tried to convince the director of the film, Yash Chopra. He revealed, ‘I had a heated discussion with Yash Chopra regarding that scene. I tried explaining that I am a commando officer in the film. My character is an expert and fit, then how can this boy beat me easily? He can beat me if I can’t see him. If he can stab me while I am looking at him, then I won’t be called a commando.’

But unable to convince the big director, Sunny Deol decided to step aside and put his hands into the pocket. He might decide not to say anything but the actor was fuming from the inside. As a result, he ends up ripping off his pants without even realising. And this was the only reason why everyone used to be afraid of Sunny at the film set.

It was the last time Sunny worked with the Yash Raj films.

What about SRK and Sunny on not speaking terms?

Sunny Deol Old Interview

The same incident gives rise to the unheard dispute between Sunny and SRK. It was for almost 16 years that both the actors haven’t talked with each other. Though, Sunny tried to dodge it by saying, ‘It’s not that I didn’t talk but I just cut myself off and I anyway don’t socialise much. So we never met, toh baat karne ki baat he nahi hai.’

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Sunny Deol was at the peak of his career at that time. While SRK was just eight films in the industry. The film was a hit and SRK’s ‘K-k-k-k-Kiran’ become the most quoted dialogue from the film. Not just this but many also believe that this role has helped SRK to get settle in the industry.

Have you seen this interview? If not then watch it here, with us:

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