Superfoods For Winter That Boosts Health

Are you worried about your health?

In this article, we going to discuss the power of superfoods to consume in winters that can boost bone health and immunity levels. The days of winters make us lazy and sleepy. We all just want to relax in our cozy blankets all day which makes us less productive. But this sedentary lifestyle can harm our health. You have to adopt an active lifestyle and a healthy diet to prevent any health issues. In the efforts to improve bone health and immunity, you will have to take control of your dietary habits. Add protein-rich and organic foods to your diet and help your body to fight against bacteria and viruses.

Rujuta Diwekar is a famous celebrity nutritionist expert who has posted a solution to this problem of a healthy diet on Instagram. She has posted the major superfoods that helps to boost bone health and immunity levels. But their benefits are not limited to these two, can also improve skin health and hair growth.

Lists of Superfoods for Winter

Superfoods For Winter That Boosts Health
Power of Superfoods

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As per the shared lists by Rujuta here are major 5 superfoods for winters with their benefits and how to consume them:

Bajra: Bajra is at the top of the list as it’s the best source of fiber. Helps in weight loss and you will feel less hungry after eating it.

Its benefits: rich in vitamin B and helps to boost hair generation and muscle growth.

Foods made from bajra: Bhakri, Laddoo, Khichdi, Bhajani thalipeeth.

Green vegetables: They are a very crucial part of our diet. Low in calories, help in weight loss, and high in protein. Like palak, methi, pudhina, sarson, and many more.

Their Benefits: rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants.

Consume it as: Sabzis, saag, raitas and make paste.

Seasonal foods: having high nutritional benefits

Their Benefits: they are rich in folate, vitamin C, have micronutrients, and help in hydration.

Examples- Peru, seetaphal, khurmani, apple.

Peanuts: they are also called groundnuts and are high in protein.

Their benefits: have healthy fats, rich in protein, an excellent source of fiber, good for heart health, help lower your cholesterol levels.

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Consume as: boiled, after roasting, make a paste.

Till: till are two types white and black and they are very healthy to eat.
Their benefits: Helps to lower blood pressure, promotes hair growth, good source of energy, and boosts digestion.

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