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Supermarket Throws Off ’26 Lakh’ Worth Food As Woman Coughs ‘Intentionally’

In an attempt to take precautions in times of COVID-19 a ‘Supermarket’ was forced to throw off food worth Rs 26 Lakh. This happened after a woman intentionally coughed on them. Yes, you read it write she coughed ‘intentionally’.

The incident is being reported from the U.S.A’s Pennsylvania. The woman was trying a twisted coronavirus prank. As per the store she coughed on a wide range of items. This included the store’s fresh produce, as well as a section of their bakery, meat case, and other groceries. Thus, the staff at the store decided to throw them off and cleaned the shelves. 

Source: Daily Mail

The incident took place on Wednesday. The prank comes at a time when the U.S. is in lockdown and the supply of essentials has a high demand. The 35 years old woman named Margaret Cirko, was booked by the police and arrested.

Man licking bottles
Source: Daily Mail

In a similar kind of incident, a man from Missouri was filmed licking bottles on a grocery store shelf earlier this week. This incident shows how pathetically people are reacting in this crisis situation.

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