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Survey Reveals That The World Doesn’t Like China, Xi Jinping & We Are Not Surprised

A 14-focused country Pew Research Center survey has found that democracies across the world have a poor opinion of China and their leader XI Jinping. Well, that doesn’t surprise me at all.

Among countries whose opinion about China has grown negative include Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, South Korea, Spain and Canada. The report added that the bad opinion of China has sharply increased after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source – ABC

For stats, the survey showed that as much as 81% of Australians now see China as a threat. The number stood at 24% last year. Also, in the UK, around three-quarters now see China in the negative light.

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And of course, the USA’s negative opinion of China has sharply increased ever since Donald Trump took office. There was a 13% increase from what it was last year.

Source – New India Express

The survey was counted in 14 counties from June 10 to Aug 3 among 14,276 adults via telephone. The bad reviews are the result of China’s aggressive behavior not only against the ASEAN countries but also western countries like the USA.

Source – Quora

China is also accused of virtually ‘capturing’ multiple countries by pushing them into its debt-trap diplomacy policy by giving them huge loans, which they are not able to return. For starters, the policy has been successfully implemented in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

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Also, China is accused of developing the COVID virus in some lab in Wuhan and then spreading it across the world. China’s foul play is evident in reports that claim that the east Asian country shut all domestic flights in the initial stages of COVID-19 spread but continued to operate international flights.

Source – Foreign Policy

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The survey found a majority held a negative view of how China has handled the coronavirus, with a median of 61% across the 14 countries.

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Moreover, out of all the people surveyed, 78% of people said that they don’t trust China’s leader Xi Jinping, especially after China forcefully implemented the draconian National Security Law in hong Kong.

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