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Swara Bhaskar-The VDW Actor Stuck In Controversy For All The Wrong Reasons

The very talented actor ‘Swara Bhaskar’ has been a victim of hate tweets, ever since the release of ‘Veere Di Wedding’.

Sadly for all the wrong reasons!

The trolls specifically targets her character which is shown masturbating in the movie VDW.

Now, it might be the first time a female is depicted pleasuring herself on Indian screen. But does that have to do anything with her personal character?

Hell noo!

Moreover, with movies like -Kya Kool Hai Hum, Grand Masti, Fire(to name a few) that freely & proudly exist in the vast ocean of Bollywood-Do we really need to troll a renowned actor for a tiny scene? I don’t think so. It’s really odd that people are calling her a ‘prostitute’- and asking her if she can act the same scene in front of her mom or brother?


Additionally, a lady’s two-minute video went viral where she makes a funny observation about Swara. According to her, it’s a first for Swara to be playing a rich character in the film. And, that she is not able to do it properly as she is used to playing BAI-type roles only.

To top it off, haters are using what she said in a video about Pakistan. The video where she said “[Pakistan] a non-secular state. … Is a failing state. I don’t understand why we keep taking pleasure and feeling a sense of self-worth from all the silly things that happen in Pakistan” is still viral.

In response, Pakistani VJ and actor Urwa Hocane took the matter in her hand and started trolling the actor. She began shaming her for being ignorant and questioning her for being contradictory about her own statements.

Along with this, tweets like- People like you disgust us Swara to Boycott Swara movement also surfaced the internet.

With all this going around, the real question is what are you projecting? What are you trying to prove by shaming an actor for a particular scene or tweet? And to what extent?

The movie VDW was marketed as a female-youth-centric flick and certainly proves the point with its depiction. The whole point now is – for everyone to accept the bold attempt of an actor to express woman’s sexuality and enjoy it as a part of the movie. Nothing justifies singling out her act in VDW and shaming her.

We are with you Swara. And for people who went to watch VDW with their parents and grandparents- Did you forget about the A- rating clearly mentioned in the film? Or you just chose to? Whatever it is…get a life and stop trolling someone just because others are!

Like a strong actor should- Swara hit them back with her witty comments. Her reply to these hate-tweets definitely slammed the haters in their face.

And there are fans to support her all the way. Cheers!

After all, this is the response required for the perverted group of people who can easily watch an adult movie in the name of fun- but can’t stay shut and enjoy VDW like a movie is supposed to! You go, Gurl!

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