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These Are The 5 Swine Flu Precautions That You Should Follow This Monsoon

Finally, Delhi is raining, which means monsoon is back. With rain temperature of the city will soon go down. It is a good thing for sure, but with this monsoon rain, there is something serious that hits the city.

If you haven’t guessed it already, the spread of viruses and germs in the air is going to make ill most of us. The deadly swine flu has already spread in the cities like Hyderabad and Pune. 1200 cases are recorded so far and about 20 people also lost their lives because of this flu.

Hospitals are preparing themselves for the battle against this deadly disease. But you have to ensure your safety yourself, as swine flu precaution is important.

Things you need to know to prevent swine flu

Children’s under age of 5, senior citizens and pregnant ladies are at greater risk of catching this serious disease. Other than that someone who is recovering from health problems, or suffering from recurring pulmonary illnesses, heart problems, renal, muscular dysfunctions, HIV, immune system problems, need to take extra precaution to keep this illness at bay.

But what are these extra swine flu precautions? If you are concerned and know that sever symptoms of swine flu can even lead to death. Here are a few things that you can use as precautions against swine flu:

1. Avoid crowded places

Swine flu precautions

Try not to go to any crowded place for the time being. Since you know the risk of getting flu spread through germs during monsoon season is very high. It is advisable for all the above-mentioned people to stay away from the crowd during rains.

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2. Practice good sanitation

Swine flu precautions

Keep yourself clean and away from germs, wash your hands as frequently as possible. So that if your body catches germs, you’ll take care of them even before they can cause any harm. Swine flu is spread through direct and indirect contact, so whenever you are out using public services (such as bus, train, washroom) make sure to clean your hands properly.

3. Don’t try to be a doctor yourself

Swine flu precautions

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Swine flu symptoms are somewhat similar to that of cold and the flu. People usually try to act like a doctor themselves and ended up practising self-medication. Well if you are smart, you won’t do it in any case. See a doctor, get yourself checked properly because self-medication is only going to make it worse.

4. Start covering your mouth with a mask

Swine flu precautions

Especially if you are visiting a hospital or any other place with infected people. Keep your mouth covered, don’t sneeze or cough with open mouth. Keep it covered all the time, also use the sanitizer to kill germs from your hand before eating anything.

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5. Stay active and keep your body hydrated

Swine flu precautions

Boost your immunity, start doing exercise or at least opt for an active life. This way your body will fuel of anti-oxidants naturally that will help to beat not just swine flu but many other diseases as well. All remember to keep your body hydrated to flush out all the toxins and germs from your body.

In Conclusion:

Opt for a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily and drink more. Take precaution when going out in public and don’t try to be a doctor. Swine flu is a dangerous disease. Every year it costs many lives, you have to take extra care to make sure you won’t get affected by swine flu.

Share this guide with your loved ones and with the people you don’t want to get sick.

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