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Video: Syrian Dad Teaches Her Daughter To Laugh At Explosions So She Doesn’t Get Scared

The Gulf-tucked Syria, which is a conflict zone, is not alien to bomb explosions. The armed conflict, which is ongoing between the Syrian Government and people who demand the government’s resignation as a part of the Arab Spring (dedicated protests to bring down monarchy rule), often has a bad impact on the people living in the country.

Arab spring
Source – Vox

One such incident came into light in a video shared by a user on Twitter. In the video, a father-daughter duo from Syria can be seen playing a laughing game.

The heart-wrenching part is, that the laughing game is only made to distract the daughter from the bomb explosions in the neighborhood.

In the video, the girl can be heard laughing every time there’s a bomb explosion, unaware of the fact what it is.

A similar instance was a part of World War 2 film “Life Is Beautiful“. In the movie, a Jewish father, imprisoned in a Nazi death camp with his son, uses such humor to shield him from odd circumstances.

The video has been watched over 2.3 million times and making netizens weep thinking of the circumstances people live under even in the 20s.

The Syrian civil war which started in 2011 is one of the worst humankind has ever witnessed. The same has killed 1000s of people, displaced lakhs of them and destroyed many cities.

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