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Syria’s President Fires Prime Minister As Economy Tumbles To New Low

Syrian President Bashar Assad has fired the Prime Minsiter of Syria Imad Khamis just before a month to go for election. This, as per AP, is due to the worsening economic crisis and brewing citizens’ anger.

Assad has appointed the current public works and housing minister, Hussein Arnous, to be interim premier until parliament elections take place in July.

Source – AP News

This comes as Syria has been hit by the worst economic crisis in the government-controlled areas since the civil war began in 2011. For the unknown, the civil war began after the Syrian government killed many who demanded the resignation of the President. Post killing, US logged sanctions against Syria.

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Currently, with economy tumbling, it has spiked the anger of people against the government. The currency of Sriya, Syrian pound, has tumbled in recent weeks, which was once traded at somewhere 47 pounds to the dollar before 2011 has now plunged to over 3,000 for a dollar this week.
Source – The Times Of Israel

Prices of essential items have also skyrocketed while some staples have disappeared from the market as merchants and the public struggled to keep up with the rising cost of living.

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The economic meltdown comes ahead of looming new US sanctions against any entity or country that does business with the Syrian government. The US sanctions have been levied on entities to ensure the government doesn’t has resources to repress human rights and indulge in terrorism. But now, the effect of sanctions have begun to cost citizens their life.

Source – Houston Chronicles

Known as the US Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, the sanctions will only add to the woes of people of Syria 80% of which already lives under poverty.

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The hardship of people has promoted protests against the government. They have come on the streets since the past four days to protest against the rising cost of living and chanting against Assad.

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