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  • Prez and PM

    Do You Know Who Would Be The Chief Guest At Republic Day Parade 2020?

    Republic day is always a special occasion for we Indians to celebrate our sovereignty and constitutionality. The day marks the formal coming in of the constitution of free India making the country Republic. Brazil's President Jair Messias Bolsonaro will be the chief guest for India's Republic Day parade in January 2020, Indian ministry of external...

  • brazil

    Indians No Longer Need Visa To Visit Brazil

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday said that Chinese and Indian natives traveling to the country will no longer be required to obtain a visa for the same. The Brazilian president who came to power at the beginning of the year has made it a policy to allow visa-free movement for a number of developing...

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  • Amazon fire

    Amazon Fire: #PrayforAmazonas Trends As Lungs Of Earth Burn

    Forest fires are certainly common in Amazon Forest, in Brazil, during the dry season, which runs from July to October. However, the condition this year has worsened as thousands of forest fires are not only ravaging the “Lungs of the Earth” but also threatens lives in nearby adaptations. As per the reports of the National...