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Kerala Based Toy Maker Launched A New Doll That Resembles Taimur Ali Khan

Paparazzi are obsessed with Taimur Ali Khan, not just them but the entire social media is busy sharing photographs of this little kid.

Little boy even got trolled on social media but apparently, people want more. That’s why a Kerala based toy maker released a Taimur’s doll.

What!! A doll!?

It might seem uncanny, but believe me, it’s true.

On Monday, Bollywood film producer Ashvini Yardi share a photo of a doll that looks like Taimur Ali Khan on her twitter account with a caption saying, “Meanwhile at a toy store in Kerala.”

To be honest this doll does seem like Taimur in many ways.

This proves the popularity of Saif’s youngest son. And now twitter and other social media channels are going crazy by noticing all the similarity between the doll and the real inspiration.

What Saif and Kareena think about Taimur’s popularity?

Saif Ali Khan with Taimur Ali Khan

Well, Saif is pretty happy to see his fans and other people getting obsessed with his son. According to Saif himself, he thinks that everyone loves Taimur’s smile, people are following him over social media.

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Knowing the fact that he is not even 2 years-old yet, it’s a good thing for him.


Kareena Kapoor Khan with Taimur Ali Khan
Though, Kareena thinks the opposite of it.

Kareena doesn’t like paparazzi following him and posting Taimur’s picture of what he is wearing and what he is doing on the internet.

It all started on 20, December 2016 when Saif and Kareena had their first baby. First, it was his name that refers to the famous Turco-Mongol emperor Amir Taimur. Then it was his smile and now a doll.

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In Conclusion

Kareena is right, all this attention and popularity might spoil this little kid. All this attention and praise that people are giving him can cause trouble for Taimur in the future.

This move is certainly benefiting media but Taimur might grow up into a attention seeking freak, who does everything for the camera or maybe he becomes exactly opposite of it.

And seriously I can’t believe a DOLL!

What has happened to the internet? Just as always fans might be happy over all the Taimur news but I think we should not make a hype of it. Tell us if you like it or you want to move on. #move-on

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