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These Are The Takiyaakalaams (Common Phrases) Without Which Everyone’s Day Is Incomplete

Your lingo tells a lot about your personality.

The words you use, the slangs you shower and the takiyakalaams you use in your day to day conversation, it all matters a lot. Some use ‘Tu wo sab chor’ every time you walk up to them and try to initiate a talk and a few always reply ‘ Accha!’ to everything you have said.

But that’s just how takiyakalaams work. Here are the most common phrases that all of you use in different scenarios, tones, and places. But yes, you do use them. maybe not all of them, but I bet you at least use 5 out the 10 takiyakalaams I have mentioned below. Here they are-

1. Pagal hai kya?


The most common takiyakalaam used anywhere and everywhere. You reply ‘Pagal hai kya’ to literally anything. Translated to ‘Are you mad’, really doesn’t fit the situation but hey, it’s your freakin takiyakalaam. You can use it wherever you want.

*Friend- Bhai kal se jogging chaltey hai!

*le you*- ‘Pagal Hai kya?’

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2. Kaha mara ra hai?


Though the real translation is way far from the actual meaning of this phrase, everyone loves to use this instead of ‘ Tu Kaha hai’. With the popularity id uber lingo, even girls use this phrase equally as guys do.

(Kaha hai tu?) X

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* le you- ‘Kaha mara ra hai?’ 

3. Dimag ka dahi mt kr!


Though it’s scientifically not possible for your brains to turn into curd in an instant, you make it happen every day. The stimulus for the instant transition might because of the constant blabbering of your boss, or the auto -driver who was driving at 20 km/ph. It could be anything, literally.

*too much crowd in the metro

*le you- Dimag ka dahi hoga ab

4. Oho, mar gya bhai!


It means you died. Yeah, so you are telling people that you DIED. Apparently, it has nothing to do with life or death. This takiyakalaam is often used when you travel from point A to B. The traffic, heat, cold, rain, the oxygen you breathe, anything can kill you.

*raining heavily

*le you (soaked in rain)- Oho, mar gya bhai!

5. Dekhta hoon!


You use this one to dodge any question, order or request. You use this on your friends, mom, dad, and boss. Though you don’t really see (dekhta) anything, you just leave them hanging over the cliff because you don’t have a definite answer.

*Bhai movie chalega kal

*le you- ‘Dekhta hu!’

6. Ghantaa!


Used instead of ‘NO’, this one just lets out all the frustration you had built up inside you. Yes, I know you use this mostly with your friends, but there are times when you end up blustering out the G-bomb anywhere if the pressure is too high.

*Exam ki tayari ho gai?

*le you- ‘Ghanta!’

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7. Maa-Behen ek ho gai!


Bringing your mother and sister together doesn’t sound like a bad thing, right? But this phrase exactly means that something really really bad happened with you (which mostly has a funny angle). What was your reaction when you had to drag your bike or walk 5 km on the highway?

*Enfield puncture on highway

(when you finally meet someone and they ask, all ok?)

*le you- Maa-behen ek ho gai bhai!

8. Bhayankar neend aa ri hai!


Usually, sleep is linked to words like sweet, peaceful and beautiful. But do people use the term, ‘bad pyari neend aa ri hai’? Hell, no. This is what most of you use and even if it sounds strange in English, that’s how people portray their sleep nowadays.

*hey, you feeling sleepy?

*le you- Bhayankar need aa ri hai!

9. Kutto wali bhookh lagi hai


Even though dogs aren’t the certified champions in the game of eating, most of you always end up comparing your hunger pangs with dogs. Though like dogs, you don’t eat without chewing, you sure as hell feel that you can when you get that hunger attack.

*Kuch khayega?

*le you- han bey, kutto wali bhookh lag ri hai! 

10. Kya ga**fad traffic!


Ok, this one is really over the top. There is no way that the traffic is going to have any effect on your ass, let alone tear it apart. But you smoothly use this takiyakalaam to express the intensity of the situation. Works every time when you want to convince someone that there was huge traffic.

*Abey kaha reh gya tha?

*le you- Bhai sahi bta ra hu, g**ndfad traffic tha!

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Takiyakalaams rock

High five, if you use all of the takiyakalaams mentioned in the list. It means that you have absorbed the next-gen lingo and you will never feel out of place talking to anyone, anywhere. However, if you use only a few of them, don’t worry. keep practising and work on your tone, you will soon get a hang of it and start using it as you own it!

Cuz EAST or WEST, Takiyakalaams are the BEST!

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