Tanishq Pulls Down Hindu-Muslim Ad Amidst Boycott Calls & Some ‘Serious Questions’ Raised By the Internet

If you have been following the news lately, Titan Group’s Tanishq Jewellery was recently trending for a new ad that they released. The ad, intended to promote Hindu-Muslim unity by featuring an interfaith baby shower, didn’t go well with the audience and had to be taken down.

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The ad begins with a pregnant lady calling the woman she is escorted by “Ma”. And at the end of the video, the pregnant lady (Hindu) can be heard asking her mother in law (Muslim) – “but this ceremony is not held at your home…”.

The mother-in-law, wearing a suit and her head covered with a duppatta, replies: “Isn’t it a tradition for every home to keep daughters happy?”

While Tanishq’s intentions were to surely promote India’s renowned Ekatvam, but that same intention left a section of people irked notably not only because it promotes love Jihad, but also because it’s yet another instance where a Hindu woman is shown married to a Muslim man. Netizens have been arguing that why the Bollywood or these ads “never-ever” picture a Muslim woman getting married to a Hindu guy?

And honestly, if you give it a thought, the argument is actually right. Ekatvam can’t be promoted if one section of the society continues to be intolerant and you expect the other to be mature enough.

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Meanwhile, many other netizens see a different picture and came out in support of both Tanishq and the ad and are calling out people for plaguing the beautiful concept of the same with their ‘retarded’ mindset.

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Tanishq has in recent years has rolled out television commercials to promote new jewellery designs often portraying the evolving facets of modern Indian women. But we would love to see ‘balanced secularism’ in Tanishq ads for them to be truly secular.

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