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Disney Released A Teaser Trailer Of The Lion King 2019

When I first heard about the remake of “The Lion King” releasing next summer, I thought it was just a rumor. But now I know it’s true.

Disney has just released the first teaser trailer of The Lion King 2019 and fans are going crazy.

About The Lion King 2019

To be honest, until last year, I didn’t have any interest in live action films but now after seeing the trailer of The Lion King, I just can’t wait. Set to release next summer, Jon Favreau is going to direct the film. 19th July is the initial release date of the film, but we should not make them hurry.

Now, without wasting any time lets get into the trailer breakdown.

What’s in the trailer

The Lion King 2019 trailer

The trailer starts with a beautiful scenic view of the African Jungle.

The Lion King 2019 trailer

Soon we hear the voice of James Earl Jones, who gave the voice of Mufasa in original Lion King in 1994. Fans are getting excited after hearing his voice as a narrator.

The Lion King 2019 trailer

The opening seems quite familiar with all the animals gathering in one place just like in the original story. As the movie is following the original story.

The Lion King 2019 trailer

Following, the trailer introduces Rafiki (the lion’s guard) in which he presents Simba in front of the whole Junglee.

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The Lion King 2019 trailer

This scene gives nostalgic chills. Reminding me of my summer vacations.

The Lion King 2019 trailer

Although, seeing Simba in life action does feel good, but then the thought, what is going to happen to his father, shatters my heart.

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The Lion King is one of the best movie ever made, Disney decided for its remake in live action form. And I think by handing over the direction to Jon Favreau director of “The Jungle Book,” Disney has made a good choice.

In Conclusion

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited to see Simba roaring on the big screen, again.

The teaser trailer is receiving quite positive feedback from the fan’s, I just hope, they don’t ruin it by remaking it as a live action film.

Watch the trailer, if you haven’t already

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