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Viral Video: Teenager Hangs From A Moving Bus To Pull Off A Dangerous Stunt

Teenagers are naive. They think that doing something out of the box will make them look cool.

But most of the times, they end up doing something that risks their lives. In a similar incident, a teenager was seen performing a so-called ‘stunt’ on a moving bus.

What is the viral video about?

The viral video shows a teenager in a pink shirt hanging on the rear wheel of a moving bus.

teenager stunt moving bus

Not just that, one other teenager is shown recording and cheering him. While the other hangs and pulls off this dangerous stunt.

teenager stunt moving bus

They surely think that they are looking so cool by doing this. Three of their friends can be seen following the bus on a bike.

teenager stunt moving bus

The video clearly shows how risky it is to hang off the window grill from a moving bus, but the teenager seems to be so proud while getting recorded.

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Here’s the video-

The very famous app has been rebranded as TikTok. And the teenagers seem to be on a high to record these kinds of stunts. In the past months, there have been several cases of teenagers trying to pull off a stunt on a moving train, moving car etc.

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The police are now trying to identify the college student and his friends who pulled this dangerous stunt. Also, they are trying to locate the bus and the area in which the incident occurred.

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In Conclusion:

The point is, these teenagers forget that doing these kinds of stunts can harm them physically and might even risk their lives. If he would have fallen off the bus, he could have seriously injured himself. And it could have been a possibility that the friends who were following the bus on a bike too, could have lost balance and met with an accident.

Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened.

Question is, when will teenagers get some sense that doing life-threatening stunts doesn’t make them look cool, it makes them look stupid. 

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