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Terrible Heatwaves In India, Centre Issued New Guidelines For Schools

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) declared the start of terrible heatwaves in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) from Friday. And followed by this news within hours the Ministry of Education issued the latest guidelines for the schools to follow for the convenience of children. The Centre has asked the schools to ease the uniform standards, restrict the outdoor activities, and revise the school timings.

Guidelines Issued By Ministry of Education

Guidelines Issued By Ministry of Education

As per the new rules, “School hours may start early and get over before noon. The timing may be from 7.00 AM onwards. The number of school hours per day may be reduced. Sports and other outdoor activities which expose students directly to the sunlight may be appropriately adjusted in the early morning.”

Further added, “School assembly should be conducted in covered areas or classrooms with reduced timing. Similar care may be taken during dispersal after school is over.”

Request From Parents To Government

The latest Guidelines are the relief for the children during this terrible summer and nasty heatwaves. But the reason behind these new rules is the requests of parents of children studying in Delhi schools made to the government. They requested last week that either the school timings should be revised or to start the summer holidays early.

Similarly, many states which also include Punjab and Haryana have either revised the school timings or have declared early summer vacations to protect the children from the summer heat.

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The Rising Mercury Levels

Mercury levels are off the charts in India, as Delhi has recorded 46 degrees Celsius temperature. In New Delhi this year’s April was the hottest in 72 years, having the monthly average temp around 40.2 degrees celsius.

In terms of Transportation to and from school, the government has made it clear that school buses should not be crowded and schools should make sure buses are always parked in Shady areas at least a few hours before children board them. Drinking water and a first aid kit are made mandatory to be available on the vehicle.

Another piece of advice from the Government to the kids who walk or cycle to school is to cover their heads to escape the ghastly heat.

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