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Thak Thak Gang Robbed Bollywood Actress In Delhi. Proves How Unsafe The Capital Has Become

According to the latest viral news, Thak Thak Gang robbed Bollywood actress.

Fareen Prabhakar, Bollywood actress was robbed by a gang on Sunday which has sent shock waves throughout the country. She is also the wife of former Indian cricketer Manoj Prabhakar.

Police said that the robbers belong to a Delhi gang which is known as “Thak Thak gang.” They took away Mrs. Prabhakar’s mobile phone, her wallet and other valuable documents that she was carrying with her at that time.

What and how did that happen?

Thak Thak Gang Robbed Bollywood Actress

Thak Thak gang robbed Bollywood actress on a quiet Sunday noon. Fareen Prabhakar, who is a resident of Sarvpriya Vihar was going to the Select City Mall in Saket when the robbers attacked her car from all sides. There were four gang members altogether.

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According to the police statement, when the victim stopped her car at a traffic signal, all the robbers tried to smash her car. Unaware that these people are actually robbers, Mrs. Prabhakar parked her car and tried to reason out for all that just happened back at the traffic signal. But the robbers kept abusing her for not driving properly.

After confusing her with false accusations, robbers soon got to their main task. They took her wallet that had Rs. 16,000, her mobile phone and other valuable documents that she was carrying at that time.

The roads were not very crowded given it was a Sunday and hence Thak Thak gang robbed Bollywood actress easily without attracting much attention.

Thak Thak Gang Robbed Bollywood Actress

Mrs. Prabhakar tried to stop them from escaping but they managed to escape after assaulting the lady. She is an asthma patient and when she was unable to comprehend what has just happened to her, she fainted on the road.

Luckily an Army officer saw her and came to help. The officer later informed the police about the whole incident. The Army officer also managed to note down the vehicle registration number of robbers car.

But what is ‘Thak Thak’ gang?

It is a notorious group of robbers working under the name of Thak Thak gang. They often rob people sitting in their car, by approaching their vehicle and knocking on their window. They try to engage in a conversation with the driver when the other person of their group come and take things like wallet and other valuable things out from the car.

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Usually, they carry out their robbery without the driver of the car noticing about it. But in case, their stealth plan didn’t work. Which is why they used force to rob the actress.

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In Conclusion:

Police are now trying to identify the vehicle and the accused from the recordings of the CCTV footage. But the main point is something else. Is it that simple to rob someone in the capital state of the country?

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