‘The American Dream’, World’s Longest Car Has Helipad, Pool

World’s Longest Car Is Now Restored

Breaking its own record, The World’s Longest Car has now reawakened up to its full potential. The car is mentioned in the Guinness World Record as ‘The American Dream.’ After intense modifications, the mega limo now measures 100 feet and 1.50 inches which means 30.5 meters long. However, the regular stretch limo is only 10 meters long with 3 meters stretch.

World’s Longest Car Is Now Restored

Guinness World Records’ official Twitter handle shared the photo of the newly restored limo on March 11.

History Of World’s Longest Car

History Of World’s Longest Car

The car, which is now a Guinness World Record holder, was initially built by the car customizer Jay Ohrberg. It was built in 1986 in the city of California, Burbank. Initially, when the car was built, it was 60 feet long and was running on 26 wheels. It was a mighty beast with the pair of V8 engines placed at front and rear.

‘The American Dream’ was used in many famous movies in its prime time. People take it for rent very frequently, and this car attracts them as soon as they see it. But the popularity of this car diminished when people noticed its high maintenance cost and parking issues.

After completing a few customizations, the car now measures 30.5 meters long. Suppose we compare this mega limo to an Indian Honda City Sedan, which is 15 feet long. Then six sedans can be parked back to back along with The American Dream, and still some space will be left.

The basic model of The American Dream is taken from “1976 Cadillac Eldorado limousines” that can be driven from both ends. This car is built by joining the two sections in the middle with turning corners.

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Luxurious Facilities of ‘The American Dream

Luxurious Facilities of ‘The American Dream

As this mega limo is 30.5 meters long, you can imagine this car’s luxurious facilities. But I bet you haven’t thought about having a helipad, mini-golf course and swimming pool in this car. The pool also has a diving board & a jacuzzi bathtub.

Michael Manning told Guinness World Records, “The helipad is structurally mounted to the vehicle with steel brackets underneath and can hold up to five thousand pounds.

With all such exciting features, “The American Dream” is not to be driven on highways, and it is going to be a part of the world-class unique car collection of Dezerland Park Car Museum.

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