The Earth Saviours: A Home For Abandoned People

As it is accepted around the world, everything occurs on purpose. Every single one of us has encountered a second in our lives that may have constrained us to adjust or alter our viewpoints. Ravi Kalra was no special case. Seeing a helpless kid in torn garments and a lost canine eating food from a similar heap of trash was the critical point in time for Ravi, the Founder and President of The Earth Saviors Foundation, an NGO that works for the appropriate care of dejected grown-ups, youngsters, abandoned senior residents, mentally-disturbed and specially-abled people.

Started in 2008, The Earth Saviors Foundation is home to almost 750 abandoned people now. Battling against all the chances, Ravi set up this NGO with his own money and it is currently running effectively through two shelters, one located in Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon, Haryana, and the other in Mandawar Village, Haryana.

The NGO comprises an old age home, medical center, home for deprived women, an animal shelter, and a shelter for differently-abled. The NGO not only takes care of the food and shelter but also help these people get out of their misery by keeping them engaged in various activities. They put music in the evening as they believe it is the source to reach their soul and it makes them respond to the surroundings and keeps positivity high.

The people from all over the country have spread arms in supporting them by sponsoring food, clothes, medicines, money, and in all the way they can help. The NGO also performs the final rites of the unidentified dead bodies making sure they rest in heaven.

One must take out time to make a visit and experience a completely different side of life. You can distribute food, host a celebration, organize some activity or simply walk in to talk and support these people. Seeing different people not only makes these underprivileged people happy but also drives as a source of hope that things will get better. We extend our wishes to the NGO and hope they grow and help as many people as possible.

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