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The Latest Feature on Google Maps You Need to Know About

Google introduced some significant artificial intelligence (AI) upgrades at its annual I/O developer conference. The unveiling of Google Maps’ new “Immersive View” feature was one of the most significant announcements.

This new feature gives users an immersive and lifelike picture of routes on maps, allowing them to explore a broader range of viewing possibilities. This function now also provides users with real-time weather updates and air quality index information.

What’s new about Immersive View Feature?

Google Maps’ new Immersive View feature offers users an interesting new way to explore places even before they physically visit them. By combining billions of Street View and aerial photographs, this groundbreaking feature uses the most recent advances in AI and computer vision technology to create a dynamic, photorealistic digital model of the Earth.

Immersive View provides a plethora of helpful information, including real-time weather updates, traffic data, and insights into how crowded a location is at any particular time. As a result, users are transferred to a location and given the appearance that they are physically present.

Google Maps’ Immersive View feature creates realistic 3D renderings of real-world settings using a sophisticated AI approach known as Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF). NeRF assists in precisely capturing the lighting, texture of materials, and surrounds of a location to make it appear as if the user is truly there. This technology makes it simpler to plan excursions and traverse unfamiliar environments with greater confidence and comfort. 

Features And Functions Of Immersive View Feature

  • With the new Immersive perspective feature, users can now preview bike lanes, sidewalks, junctions and parking alternatives as they go, offering a thorough perspective of the route before embarking.
  • In addition, the time slider tool allows users to view real-time air quality data and see how the route varies as weather patterns vary throughout the day. This gives consumers the knowledge they need to plan for the components and make any required changes to their journey.
  • Furthermore, Google Maps simulates the number of automobiles on the road at any given time using AI and historical driving trends, taking into consideration peak traffic hours and other variables.

Where is it being implemented?

Google’s Immersive View for Routes will be accessible in 15 cities across the world in the next months, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Venice.

Although no Indian locations are presently scheduled to receive the upgrade this year, consumers should anticipate the functionality to be launched in India early next year.

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