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Web Series: The Witcher And Lost In Space 2 Are Here To Make Your Christmas Binge Merrier

Just in case you are one of those rare souls who are doing nothing this Christmas and only want to snuggle into some blankets and watch a web series instead, then we have got you covered.

For facts, two of the much-awaited web series – The Witcher and Lost In Space 2 – are all set to make our Christmas Merrier.

Notably, what makes these web series so “I can’t wait for them to release” are both the content and speculation revolving around the same.

As far as The Witcher is concerned, it’s not just Netlix’s biggest December debut, but also a direct competition to Game of Thrones. With HBO’s run with Game of Thrones over after its last season was aired earlier this year, The Witcher is supposed to fill the void the GOT creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss had left.

The Witcher

The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix.

The best part about The Witcher is the buzz it has created pre-release thanks to built-in fanbase from the video games that started the franchise.

Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Netflix itself is excited about the web series. Over the months, the streaming giant has organized the “Witcher” fan experience to show off the costumes, creatures, and production design surrounding the series.

The Witcher

Hype this big surely indicates something enticing.

Lost In Space Season 2

Next up is Lost in Space which is coming with its second season on Netflix. The sci-fic ended on a major cliffhanger after Robinson’s family space ship diverts from the intended route in space. Or did the robot pulled them towards his planet?

What robot?

Well, the family would also be on a quest to find the friendly robot who had helped them on the alien planet in Season 1.

Lost in space

Though the robot made the good part of the web series in Season 1, the shoots incorporating family members are also interesting enough. And as they continue to find the robot, we can expect much “family content” from the movie.

Lost in space Season 2

Lost in Space Season 2 will release on December 24.

With that being the Christmas binge seems sorted. However, if any of these web series don’t go well with the kind of niche that gets you pumped, then click here for 9 Web series, shows that you can watch this December.

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