These Inventions Will Help You Solve Problems That Never Existed

The world is getting creative with each passing and so are inventions. Howvere, when it comes to inventions, the only problem is that the world is getting too creative within that niche.

Don’t believe us? Well, you will once you have gone through all the below-mentioned gadgets that you might need to solve all your non-existing problems.

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1. The Sobbing Spectacles

Think of it this way (because only this makes sense). You are crying a river and you realise the tears flowing down your cheeks mess up your pillow or t-shirt. If that’s one woe in your life, get the sobbing spectacles. The spectacles do exactly what you don’t need. Soak up all those salty tears before they run down your face.

2. Cellphone Crapper Catcher

Tiered of mistakenly dropping your phone in the toilet? I don’t know how you manage that, but still, here is a Cellphone Crapper Catcher that will assure nothing goes down the toilet seat, literally nothing.

3. Swipe-n-Like 4000

Just in case you want to be that good friend who likes everyone posts’, then this is for you. The phone will not only swipe through Instagram feed but will also like the most optimal photos worthy of your Instagram.

4. Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle

Now never miss a bubble on the bubble wrap with the product that you carry along with your belt. Life can’t get better when you have an endless stream of bubble wrap and this revolutionary machine to burst them.

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5. Car Top CupHolder

How many times you forget your coffee cup on the roof of your car and it just spills? No more such woes because this car top cup holder will ensure your coffee goes along with you doesn’t matter even if you have forgotten it on the roof.

6. LookBak Spectacles

Not everyone can be Salaman Khan from Dabangg, therefore these Lookbak glasses taki apko aage peeche, dono ki khabr ho.


It’s time to get ready to head out but everything you want to wear is neatly folded up in your closet? That’s sad. But don’t worry, this product here will unfold your clothes quickly.

The FocusFrames

Who really needs expensive binoculars when you have this product besides you? The glasses help you stay focused. Dead focus invariably.

The Infinity Saucelet

The Infinity Saucelet because finding sauce at the right time can sometimes get more difficult than finding a partner.

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Finger Track

Pamper your fingers because they need to make it through a full day texting and scrolling. Ahh!! life seems so much so much easier.

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