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These Pictures Of Sreesanth’s Body Transformation Oozes So Much Motivation

Even though the talented-fast-bowler ‘Shanthakumaran Sreesanth’ did not make a public appearance in the last few years, still no one has forgotten him. Thanks to Harbhajan Singh.

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After being banned from cricket because of spot-fixing, he just kinda vanished or better to say, ‘laid low’.

But ever wondered what Sreesanth was up to all these years?

Well, apart from being involved in politics and movies, there was something else that he had dedicated his life towards all these years.

In the latest pictures that he shared, this south -Indian guy can be seen sporting a full-on gym body that looks perfectly carved. And it’s because of this reason he has become the talk of the town yet again. His ‘chiselled-hulk-like-body’ is driving everybody nuts.

It clearly seems that the epic Bhajji-slap hurt him so bad that he dedicated all these years to transform into Straight-up ‘Bahubali’.

Keep working hard and keep at it..BE THE BEST YOU..

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The lean and thin physique that he used to sport on the field is replaced by something unexpected. (No wonder, even Bhajji will think twice before starting a fight with Sreesanth now.)

#Never ever give up ..always keep at it….

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I mean, just look at his workout session!

Now you know, why his transformation is making Bhajji the laughing stock.

Twitteratis are challenging Bhajji to dare slap Sreesanth now. (I bet Bhajji says ‘NO’)

Thanks to people’s creativity, they have also come up with hilarious depictions of scenes that portray,’ When Shreesanth met Bhajji’-

Whatever be the case, his workout clearly shows how dedicated he has been towards himself in past few years.

On the other side of the story, even though Sreesanth was let off by Patiala House Court in July 2015 from the spot-fixing case, BCCI still refused to alter its decision even after the verdict.

Looks like the road leading back to cricket is blocked for Sreesanth, but it really doesn’t seem to worry him at all. Clearly, he has found other options to survive and excel in terms of his career.

He has already been a part of few Bollywood and south-Indian movies including films like- Cabaret, Team 5, Aksar 2.

Additionally, he has also made his appearance on a dance- reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’. And now according to the rumors, he is all set to feature in Kannada film Kempegowda 2. With his mind-blowing body, who knows he might be the next ‘Baahu’ from the South?

And just before you go… what do you think is next on Sreesanth’s to-do-list?
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