These Posts By Sabyasachi For Her Colleague Fighting Cancer Will Melt You Heart

Life could sometimes be tragic and yet worth living. And Sabyasachi’s recent Instagram posts are an adobe to the statement. The designer took on Instagram to share a story of her colleague who wanted to reach out to all the women fighting cancer through him.

The photos he shared showcases Aditi Mittal and her transition from having shoulder-length hair to going bald for chemotherapy.


“We have been working together for over 14 years now,” writes Sabhyasachi describing Aditi as “an awkward tomboy,” who has “morphed into a beautiful woman.”


“She was always fun loving, a little eccentric, slightly cuckoo! And then she had cancer,” writes Sabyasachi adding that she wishes to hold his one-year-old boy again.


“As she prepares for chemo, Sanchit, her husband cuts her hair while she puts on her red lipstick because she wants to look her best,” wrote Sabyasachi, marveling at Aditi’s strength and applauding all women.


Later Sabyasachi explains that Aditi asked him to share the post so she can, via him, reach out to every woman fighting cancer out there.


“Aditi wants to reach out to every woman through my Instagram to inspire them to keep fighting. Every day of their lives. For every little thing that matters,” wrote Sabyasachi. “And I am sure a lot of men will fight alongside them.”

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As per a report, as many as 8.5 million in women are diagnosed with cancer. Lungs and breast cancers are the most common types of cancer across the globe with over
2,088,849 women suffering from the later as of 2018.

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