Thief Takes Train To Escape Post Robbery, Police Takes Flight To Arrest Guess Who Wins?

When 21 years old Kushal Singh, on a train, was feeling proud of the robbery he had just mastered, less he knew Benglauur police would welcome him at the airport. Credits? The non-stop flight from Ajmer to Bengaluru.

In a bizarre incident, Singh, who worked as a helper at businessman Mehak V Piragal’s residence located in Basavangudi, stole gold jewellry from the house when the owners were out to perform Diwali pooja. Mehak had asked Singh to guard the residence.

Soon after, Mehak informed police about the facade who were quick to trace his location using sources and phone number. As per TOI a source suggested the police that he had taken a flight to Ajmer.

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Police soon boarded a flight to Jaipur and nabbed him outside the station.

Surely, he didn’t get any time to sell the ornaments and the same were returned to the owners.

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