Baal Vivah Hua Tha Kya! 7 Annoying Things Married Women Get To Hear When They Are 28 But Look Like 18

Well! Those who are married and still look like a teenager would surely find this post relatable.

So here I am basically referring to those married women who are in their late 20’s but appear younger. I feel it’s actually applaudable. It’s like you have born with a silver lining which never seems to fade away.


Yes a big ‘But’ hinders all the awesomeness of the situation. The lucky ladies out there would have already understood where the conversation is going.

You got it right beauties! Those bitterly annoying dialogues that are delivered from the fake-polite tongues may leave deep incurable wounds. Oops! Am I getting too emotional? Lol! Worry not, because these are some pure and pious dialogues which we should become habitual to.

I am sure you know them all, but let’s have a laugh over these bizarre things said by our loving ‘Dur Ke Rishtedar’ without getting offended.

1. Kya Kya Kya!


When you tell them your actual age and they act like those actors in Ekta Kapoor blunders. There expression are so grave as if you have strangled your mother-in-law. Gosh! Somebody please tell them to come out of the reel world, yaar.

2. Tumhe Lagta Hai Main Bevkoof Hoon?


Urgh…! When people talk like this, I feel like responding in affirmation. Dude, I am telling you the higher number. Why would I lie?

3. Tu To Bilkul Nahi Lgti Yaar


The accurate reply should be- “Thanks for the compliments”. But have you ever noticed how the green monster of jealousy is ready to chomp you off? Women!!

4. Tujhe To Meri Beti K Bhi Kapde Aa Jaege


Now, this is really annoying. I mean why would I wear your beti’s clothes. I have my own and they fit me so well. Irritating fellows!

5. Baal Vivah Hua Tha Kya


Look at the thought process, man! I am educated, living in a city since birth and never ever visited a village in my entire life. I feel like replying- “Gaon se to aap aye lgte ho muje”. But my bad luck coz I can’t.

6. Tere Bacche To Tujhse Bhi Bade Lagte Hain


How could this ever be? Kids are kids, adults are adults. These sadists say whatever they can to prove their point of view, which is anyways full of crap.

7. Classes Jump Ki Thi Kya


Uff! Now what could I say to this. How can one look younger by skipping the classes in school??

What to do!?

These ‘rishtedars’, come up with some really silly questions out of nowhere which proves their insanity. But the sad truth is that we can’t even react to their silliness bluntly because at the end of the day they are our family members. So, my advice would be to just chill and keep calm. Such questions would pop up all the time and the best way is to ignore it with a big smile. ?

Just revel in your beauty and feel young.

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