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7 Things That Kill Holi Vibe

Holi is beautiful, colorful and full of happiness.

But what happens if your friend decides to get so drunk that he can barely walk? And then all you are left with is making him feel normal and help him puke. Now that would be disgusting and a pain in the ass, right?

Sometimes things like that happen. It ends up killing the holi vibe so bad that you regret the day when it ends. Here are 7 such things that just kills the happy vibe of this colorful festival. I hope you don’t face any of these tomorrow-

1. Trying bhang (too much )


Every year several freshers try ‘bhang’ on this auspicious day of holi (read holy). And then there are those who wait for this day to arrive so that they quench their bhang thirst. You tell them to take it slow. But they don’t listen and end up chugging 5 glasses (2 glass being the limit).

And voila, they are tripping their balls off while you pray to God so they turn back into humans again. I hope you don’t face it EVER. Coz I have, and its Bhayankar!!

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2. Picking a fight


Now, this can literally happen anywhere. You might be having a sip of that chilled beer, playing holi songs and suddenly you hear unearthly slangs and abuses accompanied by long howls. You turn around to see two of your friends, drenched in color start thrashing each other. Reason? They probably don’t even remember.

But now, you have to jump in between and bring it to an end. That’s a super bad experience on holi. Totally a no-no.

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3. Drive recklessly


After a few pegs, bhang, and joints some folks think that they are born to drive. Whatever they can get their hands on, they drive it. In reality, what they are doing is trying to kill themselves along with the others who choose to share the ride with them. Mostly, it ends with a near-death experience or sometimes accidents.

If you get into such kind of situation, try to stop them. Or just get the FUCK outta there or at least stay behind.

4. Drunk like a fish


Getting sloshed to the extent that you are swimming in your own pool of vomit sounds disgusting. But yes, it happens on Holi. God knows what gets into some people. They drink like it’s their last day on earth. As a result, you can see several lying around on roads.

I hope none of your friends or family try to copy the stunt by doing the same on your house or the celebration ground.

5. Forcefully playing holi


Applying colors by force is one thing, and literally hurting is something else. For some, it becomes their goal to intentionally hurt the other person while playing holi. They end up poking and putting color inside eyes, ears or mount. As a result, some serious health issues come up and the person ends up in so much trouble.

Don’t be such a person and stop others if they try to use such force while playing holi with others.

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6. Playing holi with animals


If you have a pet in the house, chances are that you feel pity for the animals on the street. If someone in your house loves to color animals, stop them. Some of your friends might find it funny to pour color on the dog that sits quietly on the road. But trust me, it’s not.

Some animals lick off color from their body and end up dying because they don’t find a water source to clean it. Don’t kill life along with the holi vibe.

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7. Using messed up and gross things in place of colors


Artificial colors are bad and so are things like bad colors, rotten food items, car oils, and any otherworldly shit. Some may love to get keechad (mud) and grease and what not on their skin. But that’s harmful as hell. Just stop anyone from developing such love.

Especially your close ones. Keep them safe and play with sane colors.

Be safe, use natural colors and have fun this holi. Sip on beer, roll that joint and bottoms up Bhang glass. Just take it all slow.


On that note, wish you a happy and super chilled holi.

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