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Now That India Is Out Of World Cup 2019, Here are 7 Things You Can Do This Weekend

Every Indian heart sank a thousand miles as India’s hope to lift the “Cricket ka Crown” diminished after losing the match to New Zealand.

Despite team India’s valorous commitment, in the end, New Zealand ended on the heavier side of the scale as they confirmed themselves a World Cup 2019 final slot. The Ind Vs NZ memes are already doing rounds but that’s sure as hell not helpful.


Well, that’s that, but now as all that is over, we need to figure out what exactly to do with our lives and the weekend ahead. Only if there was a little bit of excitement about the Cricket World Cup left, then you could brainstorm who you shall support when England takes on New Zealand on Sunday. But that isn’t the case with most folks.

So, here are 7 things that you can do this weekend, now that World Cup isn’t interesting anymore-

1. Social media wrath


Take your wrath to social media muddle-heads who are still criticizing Dhoni for the World Cup Semi-final loss. These hoes ain’t loyal.

2. Get back to binge-watching Netflix


Now you will have all the time in the world to binge-watch the series you haven’t been able to coz World Cup.

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3. Take the consolation road


Convince yourself thinking “chalo koi nhi Pakistan ke to laga diye humne, firse.” This is the reality and if you keep remembering it, you will feel better. Trust me.

4. Go Dhoni on yourself


Watch old heartwarming Dhoni moments on YouTube only to realize maybe, just maybe this was the last time we all saw him playing in Blue.

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5. Sulk to your heart’s content


Cry, think “meri bandi hoti to mujko chup karti”, stalk her only to find her chilling with his new boyfreind, and now double cry.

6. Go hypothetical


Play EA cricket and defeat New Zealand Numerous times, if that’s what  it takes to wards off your blues. Yes, there is a whole new world in video games. All you need to do is live in it.

7. Stay away from positive idiots


Stay at home, or just stay away from those positive idiots who would say “Arree khel mai haar jeet to chalti rhti hai”.

I know, it’s hard to breathe thinking that we are out of the World Cup, but there is nothing much we can do about it. Indian team gave its best but sadly couldn’t make it to the finals.

Let’s pray and hope that the next World Cup will be ours!!

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