This 360 Degree View Of The Red Planet Will Let You Feel Mars Like Never Before

There has already been quite a buzz about NASA’s Perseverance rover touching down on Mars recently and happens, it is doing a great job there. NASA, in recent days, has already shared multiple visuals of the rover right from it making a landing on Mars to multiple images of Mars that its cameras have captured.

Making the best use of NASA’s imagery, recently, one video creator who goes by the name of Hugh Hou, took these different images, stitched them together and made them look like a panoramic view of the Martian surface.

The creator not only joined these images to give us a real view of Mars’s surface but also added a sky to the images to achieve the best of 360 view. Besides making the sky look starry, he also added multiple constellations to the same making the red planet look no less than the planets you might have seen in Avenger movies.

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Hugh Hou said in the caption while sharing the 360-degree image, “the original photo does not have the full sky, I edited the sky to have a full 360 experience inside a VR headset like Oculus Quest 2. The sky does not represent the real sky from Mars.” He further added that this is an art and not the real sky from Mars. 


For the unaware, NASA’s Perseverance rover has been sent to Mars to collect and provide data about the planet that will help scientists understand if there was an existence of life on Mars or not. It is quite a belief among scientists that life once life existed on Mars as its features are relatively alike Earth. Also, the red planet has tracks that denote that rivers might have flown on its surface.

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The rover has as many as 23 cameras, two microphones that allow the capture of Martian winds. The rover has also been stuffed with a drone-like helicopter, which will be used to test if flying helicopters is possible on Mars or not.

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