While We Still Figuring Out Life, This 9-Year-Old Will Soon Become World’s Youngest Graduate

Hoping my mom doesn’t see this story, for obvious reasons, we would like to introduce you to Laurent Simons, the to-be world’s youngest graduate. Oh, wait don’t get surprised to soon, there’s more to it. He actually joined a University earlier this year in March.

Now you have all the reasons to get surprised. Go on!!

A resident of Amsterdam, with a mind-boggling IQ of 145, Simon will graduate with a degree in electrical engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in December 2020.

Simon, a half Dutch and half Belgian, has had pacey schooling. Too pacey to be specific. He was enrolled in high school at the age of 6 and completed schooling at a tender age of 8, within 18 months. He notably was also a part of a research at the Amsterdam’s Academic Medical Center at the age of 7.

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Moreover, he has also attended summer courses catered by Stanford and Fairfield University to gifted children. His exceptional capabilities, surely win praises, especially form his current teacher who believes he is “three times smarter than the best student I have met in my long career.”

World's Youngest Graduate

Simon, once he graduates, will eclipse Michael Kearney record who is the current record holder for the youngest child to graduate from a University. Kearney achieved the feat in 1994 at the age of 10.

Plans Ahead

While most of us are still struggling to find our forte, Simon is well-aware of his end goal. He wants to pursue electrical engineering along with a “bit of medicine” from California. He aims to develop artificial organs.

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Like all of us need some me time, Simon also craves some of it. And during the same, he is often found playing Fortnite, watching Netflix or spending time with his dog, Sammy.

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