This ‘City’ Is Offering ‘Home Delivery’ Of ‘Alcohol’ As Bars Are Shut Down

The world is in lockdown and there is no fun and party in the bars. If you are someone who loves to have a glass of ‘Whisky’, ‘Wine’, ‘Rum’, ‘Beer’, etc as a part of your daily routine then we know its tough times for you. However, for ‘Hard drink’ lovers in this city, there are no such issues.

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Yes, the title would have given you the hint. This city has got the ‘home delivery’ system of ‘Alcohol’ like essentials amidst lockdown. This city is none other than the ‘metropolis on the Arabian Peninsula’ Dubai. Dubai which has from long been one of the wettest (in reference to alcohol and not rain) places in the Mideast is not disappointing it’s citizens.  

Dubai’s two major alcohol distributors have partnered to offer home delivery of beer, spirits, and wine. The decision has come at a time when the city is under a 24-hour lockdown that requires the public to have police permission to go to the grocery store.

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While if you are in the Indian city of ‘Kolkata’ you can also enjoy this benefit of ‘home delivery’ of alcohol. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has allowed for home delivery of ‘Alcohol’. As per rules delivery passes would be issued to retailers through local police stations. Liquor shop owners will have to approach their respective local police stations for obtaining passes. One shop can obtain only three delivery passes.

Customers can place orders over the phone at their nearest liquor shop after which the retailers can deliver the stock to the customer. An official order in this regard is awaited though. As per Excise Directorate of West Bengal government, there was no existing prohibition on the sale of liquor during the lockdown. The retailer voluntarily kept shops closed. Earlier the state relaxed norms for sweet shops and allowed them to operate for limited hours.

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